Secrets of Success from Top Women in Food

Original airdate: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Event Information

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Join us for this unique interactive panel and demo with some of the top women in the culinary world; Lorena Garcia, Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Ungaro and Rohini Dey. Listen as they share their success stories, the secrets they have learned that can help you move forward in your career, and explore solutions to create more women leaders in culinary. Plus watch as they demo some of their amazing culinary dishes and give you some tips to bring back to your kitchen. Bring your questions to ask, this is a session you won’t want to miss.

Presenter Bios

Lorena Garcia

Venezuelan-born chef, restaurateur, TV host and author, Garcia is one of the country’s leading Latina chefs. A judge and investor on America’s Next Great Restaurant, guest chef on the season finale of Top Chef All-Stars, and competitor on season four of Top Chef Masters. Garcia opened her second traveler’s restaurant in 2012, Lorena Garcia Tapas at the Atlanta Airport, in the wake of her flagship Lorena Garcia Cocina in Miami. Taco Bell recently debuted its new Cantina Bell menu, featuring vibrant flavors and authentic recipes from Garcia’s

Rohini Dey

Owner and culinary director of Vermilion restaurants in NYC and Chicago – Dey drives the innovative and bold indian-latin culinary melding at her restaurants based on her concept and travels. Vermilion has won accolades by FT, Time, Gourmet, WSJ, Chicago Tribune 3 stars, Chicago magazine, Bon Appetit, Esquire, USA Today among others. An avid supporter of women, Rohini is the co-founder with the James Beard Foundation of the Women in Culinary Leadership (WICL) program and Chefs for Women (CFW), a coalition of ten celebrity chefs. Rohini also educates and mentors women through her non-profit (MSEdG – Educate Girls Globally).

Mary Sue Milliken

Co-chef/owner of the popular, critically acclaimed Border Grill restaurants and Border Grill Truck in Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Las Vegas and coming soon to Los Angeles International Airport. A pioneer of world cuisine since the creation of City Café and CITY Restaurant in Los Angeles in the 1980’s, Mary Sue is a preeminent ambassador of modern, gourmet Mexican cuisine, setting the standard for over two decades.

Susan Ungaro

President of the James Beard Foundation, her ambitious plans and insight for the development and future growth of the Foundation have already proven successful: expanding the culinary scholarship program; increasing its membership base with a new online enrollment program; bringing the annual James Beard Foundation Awards Gala to prestigious Lincoln Center, and more.